foryouranime (foryouranime) wrote in otaku_overload,

Soul Eater Contest!

There has been in influx of evil in the Soul Eater Universe. The Shinigami technical school Death Weapon Meister Academy is enrolling 4 new human students to train and become Meisters of Weapons to help battle these evil forces.

Those selected to enroll in the academy in Death City Nevada will receive supplies to help them prepare: 4 Winners will receive a "Soul Eater" Prize pack including a "Soul Eater" Body Pillow, a $50 f.y.e. gift card and either a "Soul Eater" Notebook & Necklace or "Soul Eater Part 3" on DVD.

The sweepstakes runs from 12:00 pm PST through 7/8/10 with the last human selected being announced on 7/9/10. Do you have what it takes to protect the universe from evil forces? Enroll now for your chance to win at!!
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